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Year 5 - Swift

Half Term Book Review - By Jose (03.11.15)

Over Half Term, I read the book The Finger Eater, by Dick King-Smith.

Here is my Review...

You will like this book, because it is funny and will make you laugh. There are pictures, so you know what is happening. It is about a troll named Ulf, who has a really bad habit. When he spies a person, he goes up to him or her and says "How do you do?" Then, he shakes their hand and bites off a finger!

This book is for readers of 8-13. If you are under 8 it will scare you. If you are older than 13 it might be boring!

Our Class Book

In English, we are currently studying Harry Potter and we are reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which is the first book. So far, everyone is enjoying it! It is about a boy called Harry who is living with his aunt and uncle who hate him. He lives there because his Mum and Dad were murdered by Voldemort. But, he couldn't kill Harry. No one knows how or why he couldn't kill him. What people do know, is that he has a scar on his forehead that came from Voldemort himself. His scar is covered by his long hair.

As we read more we will update you with Harry's adventures!

By Callum (07.10.15)

What Swift Class have been up to so far this term.

In English, we started by focusing on poetry. We looked at different styles of poems, but our favourite was raps! We also looked at figurative language ( similes, metaphors and personification) and how this improves our writing. We have also improved our writing, as we have started to use descriptive devices, such as adjectives, verbs and dialogue. Furthermore, we have studied complex sentences and different forms of punctuation.

Within Mathematics, we have been learning to add and subtract mentally, using a variety of methods. We have also learnt to use the column method to add. Next week, we will be using it to also subtract. Problem solving has also been part of our learning.

Our topic is all about Great Britain. We have learnt about the British Values and how we promote them in Eyrescroft Primary School. We found 10 facts about Great British Landmarks and have started to read a famous story by the British author J.K Rowling.

We will continue to update you with what we are doing soon

By Swift Class (07.10.15)