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Emergency school closure

Very rarely it is necessary to close a school in an emergency. A closure could be for several reasons such as a flood, a power cut, a fire or adverse weather conditions. Schools have set procedures to follow in the hope that information is communicated as quickly as possible and as little inconvenience is caused to all concerned.   

With winter and cold weather approaching we thought you would appreciate information about how you can find out whether school is closed, should the weather be severe enough to warrant such a closure.

Let me assure you that wherever possible we will do our utmost to keep the school open.  However, as many of our staff live outside of Peterborough there is the possibility that we may not be able to get to school and therefore the children would not be safely supervised. 

In this instance a notice will be placed on our school website. You can also listen to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (95.7 FM), Heart Radio, formerly Hereward (102.7 FM) or Connect FM (107.4 FM) which will inform you if the school is closed as well.

If school is closed again the following day this will also be announced on the radio that morning and updated information will be placed on our website. Confirmation that school has reopened, will be on our website only.  

If snow falls during the day we will attempt to remain open until 3:15 p.m. If however it is necessary to close school part way through a school day parents will be contacted to collect their children. Please always ensure that we have your up to date contact telephone numbers on our records.

Children will not be marked as absent from school in the event of an emergency closure.

If you would like anymore information please contact our school office.