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Highlees Primary School Eyrescroft Primary School

Highlees & Eyrescroft

Curriculum Provisions

Bringing learning to life at Eyrescroft Primary School:

Through the use of the Cornerstones Curriculum, we bring the curriculum to life. Each teaching stage that we follow provides opportunities for children to learn and respond in a variety of ways, keeping projects flexible in order  to follow children’s interests and needs

The four cornerstones of learning that we follow include:

  • The Engage Stage: Each topic that we teach starts with a memorable, first –hand experience. This enables the children to be fully immersed in their new topic.
  • The Develop Stage: During this stage we improve the knowledge and understanding of the topic. The children practise and develop new skills and explore new themes and ideas.
  • The Innovate Stage: The children are then encouraged to apply the skills and knowledge that they have learnt in a real – life context. The children solve real problems and gain inspiration through creative activities.
  • The Express Stage: The children become performers, experts and informers in their field. Learning is linked back to original starting points and opportunities are given for the children to share and celebrate their achievements.