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October Update

Year 4 has had a fantastic, busy start to this academic year with lots of reading, writing, drama and art work revolving around our Potions theme.

We have designed potion bottles and  invented our own potions, learnt about how potions - sometimes very gruesome ones, were used in the past for mostly selfish reasons but also for medicinal purposes. We have delved into the past, researched and compiled chronological reports this term  full of interesting facts about the anaesthetic - one of the most important inventions of all time. Imagine surgery without it! Science is always a favourite and we have enjoyed carrying out experiments and finding out about gases around us as well as learning about the Water Cycle.

As Mathematicians, we have secured our knowledge of place value in our number system using concrete, pictorial and written forms. We have begun looking at addition and subtraction of 3 and 4 digit numbers and we’re learning the skills to successfully solve calculations within real life contexts.Timetables are our mission to success and both classes continue to enthusiastically compete against each other on being Timetable Champions. 

We are keenly looking forward to next term when we will all move on from being Potion Masters to Roman Warriors. Keep checking our blogs for all our news on war, invasions and all things Roman.